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Green Media Online has the perfect array of postal and email choices for your next marketing campaign.
Our readers are hard-working professionals at small and medium-size companies — the perfect prospects
for direct marketing or multi-channel campaigns.

List Rental

MeritDirect – Jim Scova
jscova@MeritDirect.com or 914-368-1012


Debra Welter, Circulation and Audience Development  Manager


Outdoor Power Equipment readers include owners, executive management, store managers, buyers/purchasing agents, sales and marketing at outdoor power equipment, hardware/home center and lawn/garden retailers. These individuals are experienced service retailers and suppliers who have the budget to purchase your products. These individuals own and operate small and medium businesses and are in need of your products and services. This list contains more than 21,000 direct mail names and 6,000 email addresses.

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Arbor Age readers include owners, executive management, buyers, superintendents, foreman, government commissioners/agents, arborists, architects and horticulturists working at tree service companies, government/municipal facilities, custom chemical applicator companies and Rights-of-Way for highways, railroads and utilities. These professionals have full decision making authority for purchasing all products and services associated with owning, running and managing a business. They need to make quick educated business decisions about every aspect of the business from mobile communications, computers, landscaping equipment and products to which seminars and conferences to attend. This list contains more than16,500 direct mail names and 5,000 email addresses.

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Landscape & Irrigation

Landscape & Irrigation subscribers include owners, partners, executive management, managers, superintendents/ground maintenance, government agents/officials, architects, designers and consultants working at full service landscape contractors, lawn care service companies, irrigation contractors, custom chemical applicator companies, sod and turf seed growers and in-house lawn & grounds maintenance and installation companies. These business owners, executives and managers are responsible for making purchasing decisions for their respective companies. Subscribers to Landscape and Irrigation are interested in all products and services related to the green industry as well as everything needed to run and maintain a successful business. These green thumb individuals are in constant pursuit of information, which will help expand their industry, business and technical knowledge. This list contains more than 52,000 direct mail names and 14,000 email addresses.

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SportsTurf subscribers include business owners, executive management, purchasing agents, athletic directors, superintendents, managers, government agents/officials, architects, designers, horticulturists and coaches at sports complexes, parks, schools/universities, and athletic fields. These green-thumb professionals run small and large companies and are in need of products and services that will help them operate and manage a successful demanding business. SportsTurf readers construct, maintain and irrigate highly visible, high-use and intensively managed turf. To stay at the top of their field these savvy innovators attend industry and business conferences/seminars. Additionally, these active on-the-go individuals are in need of your consumer offers. This list contains more than18,000 direct mail names and  6,700 email addresses.

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EPG Media, LLC & Specialty Information’s Professional Database

The Business Professionals list is comprised of unique qualified readers from many diverse industries. Titles include: owners, executive management, engineers, sales and marketing professionals, operations and purchasing managers.  These hard-working professionals at small and medium companies wear many hats and are in need of a diverse portfolio of products and services to stay competitive and profitable. This list contains more than 600,000 direct mail names and 90,000 email addresses.

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Terms and Conditions: Sample of mail piece required, subject to approval. A letter of agreement must be submitted by the customer and mailer before list shipment. Rented for one time use only and may not be copied for reuse or for any other purpose. Lists must be sent to third party bonded lettershop or mailing service. Lists contain decoy names to detect unauthorized use.

EPG Media, LLC & Specialty Information publishes the following titles: Arbor Age, Beverage Dynamics, Boating Industry, Cheers, Fuel Oil News, Landscape & Irrigation, Outdoor Power Equipment, Powersports Business, Rider, SnowGoer, SportsTurf, Stateways, and Thunder Press.